For 125 years Customers have structurally retained the lowest position in every business...

Until now!

3dMOR places customers central to every component of your business!

Your business needs are welcome!

Thank you for taking time to review 3dMOR’s advancements for your small to mid-size business.

“With, Customers are attracted and solidly ingrained in your company.”

With 3dMOR, Your Team will include (in this order) Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management. 3dMOR is a competitive advantage for your business.

3dMOR’s advanced competitive tech will impact small and mid-size businesses to include advertising, marketing for Customers, and additional new approaches provided with 3dMOR.

3dMOR Marketing is a full Core Customer advancement, intuitively for all Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management leading to your 3dMOR based success. Furthermore, Inter Collaboration maximized for businesses must fully include Customers, and lead to greater profitability.

Positioning with 3dMOR’s new business customers will further strengthen the loyalty of your current team.

3dMOR functionally places customers to enter the 3dMutual Outcome Relationship center of your organization’s need for answers and understanding. The Customers gain opportunity to move onboard as per your chosen design.

With 3dMOR you have a greater competitive advantage.

Thank you,

Your 3dMOR Team will include Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management.

– Larry Fisher, Founder and CEO

– Jonathan Sterling, CTO and CMO

3dMOR is an upgrade for your business,
so you will build stronger relationships with
customers and maximize repeat business and referrals.

Your current core business model is structured similarly to this drawing with the CEO on top and Customers on the bottom.

So this indicates customers are retained at the lowest position in your business as they have been for 125 years. Since Customers finance business, we’d like to relocate your Customers so greater profitability is achievable.

Unity Through MOR (Mutual Outcome Relationships)™

There is unity across the entire organization due to Mutual Outcome Relationships.

The Golden Rule: What's in this for our customers?

3D MOR fully engages customers across your business.

3D MOR fully enables structural accountability and greater profitability. 

Customers have been at the bottom
of these structures for 125 years.


Our solutions are 3D structured replacements that lift the relationship amongst Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management to a new generation of true customer centricity.

Welcome to 3dMOR.

Select 3dMOR to create better results and far greater profitability.
Across your entire business structure, because Customers are first with 3dMOR.

Our 3D Core Business Model provides to be the first time a business can be re-framed to be Structurally Enabled, so as to thoroughly Engage Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management. 3dMOR further leverages profitability with a competitively superior 3D Core Business Model.

The model shown above is an example of our Customer organizational chart that focuses on empowering customers to make the best decisions for themselves.


Because Customers Finance Business.

3dMOR is the first new Core Business Model in a 125 years,

3dMOR is designed to advance total relationships between all
Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management.

Innovative companies using 3dMOR products understand that a “memorable Customer experience” doesn’t happen by chance—it happens by 3dMOR’s design.

Customers are the reason we get up, start our day, and go to work. Are you awake yet?

Customize the 3dMOR Core Business Model to fit your company!

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