About Customers

About Customers

3dMOR is a new fast and efficient Modern Core Business Model.

It features MOR (Mutual Outcome Relationships) to replace the current CRM.

Innovative companies using 3dMOR products understand that a “memorable customer experience” doesn’t happen by chance—it happens by our design.

Customers and Consumers

#1. Customer’s Solutions (All Components)
#1A. Video of our Business Org. &/ or select office# 

#2. Customers B2B 
#2A. Customers B2C 
#2B. Global Customers 
#2C. Global Consumers


#3 HR and MOR (Mutual Outcome Relationships™) 
#3A. Payroll

#4. Sales and Marketing (Software, Platforms, Data, Services) 
#4A. Advertising and PR/MOR
#4B. Adjustable Data Gateways™ (A. D. G.) & Data Services & Com.
#4C. Subscriber Dashboard, and 3dMOR Master Dashboard

#5. Tech/Software Platforms

#6. Platform of Subscribing Businesses Partners – Conglomerate Effect Platform

PartnersConglomerate Effect Platform

#7. Conglomerate Effect™

#8. Our Partners of Tech/Software

#9. Supply Chain Partners 
#9A. Distribution Partners
#9B. All Forms of Partners


#10. Operations
#10A. Dated Payables and Receivables
#10B. Financial Services
#10C. Professional Services
#10D. Management (Dept., VP, CEO, Board of Directors)


3dMOR presents the first new Core Business Model in 125 years.

Our everyday (2019) existing old core business model structure should not still have the protection of a monopoly when it is 125 years old and is rooted back into the early formal organizations of the 1700s and 1800s. 3dMOR will replace this aged view of how businesses are organized.

The Second Industrial Revolution is usually dated between 1870 and 1914.
And the railroad companies in that era are credited with the early development of the Core Business Model .

The current Core Business Model that everyone uses in 2019 still resembles and functions as the Core Business Model commonly used before and after World War One (July 1914 – November 1918).

The Core Business Model of old is still the Core Business Model of today.