3dmor note

Reframe your company to be more profitable.

We empower customers to finance business

3dMOR Org Chart –  Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management become our Mutual Outcome Relationships (MOR).

Operations Management – Convert materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization.

Adjustable Data Gateways AI – Software and hardware solutions that connects to multiple data sources and provides a single and central point of access.

Sales and Marketing Team – We have the tools and talent to get your business to the #1 spot.

Conglomerate Effect – Join our collection of companies that will help benefit your business. 

History – Learn your past business results and how to change the future.

Subscriber Dashboard – Data management tool that tracks, analyzes, and displays key business metrics. Interact with data to make well-informed and healthy business decisions.

Marketplace – Find your place in the arena of competitive or commercial dealings; the world of trade.

Oregon Coast – Our location lends us to many advantages such as low overhead and extensive community.

Dispose of your current 125 year old Core Business Model and reframe with the New 3dMOR Core Business Model for 2022.

See what 3dMOR customer centricity does for your business and how management achieves superior outcomes.

3dMOR inherently provides a faster source of competitive advantage:

  1. The ability to learn more about the business customers faster than any competition. 
  2. The ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.