update your org chart

Follow the new Leader

First we revise your business organization chart with a new component list in 3D which begins with Customers at the top and Management at the bottom.

In with the new

So it is imperative that the old Core Business Model be replaced with 3dMOR which provides a company’s complete focus on Customers, Employees, Partners, and Mgmt.

Why are Customers first?

Because they finance everyone’s paychecks and the entire business operations and fulfill the needs for greater profitability.

New Core Business Model

And with the transformation to 3dMOR, the Customer has a clear view and access to the entire company as it should be!

Choose the perfect plan

Each tier includes services from previous plans


Per month


Per Year



Frequently asked questions

Mutual Outcome Relationships

3dMOR can help any business transition to the modern core business model.

This revolutionary concept applies to all business scenarios.

We have been working on this concept for 8 years! The inspiration gathered from decades of starting companies and experiences in commerce. 

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3dMOR is how customers finance your business. Contact Us