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Our Trusted Partners

Frazier Pruett started Bespoke Power LLC in 2007 with long time friend and co-worker Pat Flanagan. Frazier graduated from University of Florida in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Frazier has extensive knowledge of power electronics and lighting. 

Bespoke Power LLC
Address: 320 Central Ave. Suite 501, Coos Bay OR
Phone: 503-752-5332 

We help you create the website of your dreams, get traffic with targeted marketing, and delight your audience with amazing content. Coos Bay Tech is the best value for updating or starting your website. Any business, any area.

Coos Bay Tech
Address: 320 Central Ave. Suite 210, Coos Bay OR
Phone: 541-290-0949

Computer Help Done Differently. Providing custom services based on your needs and resources. We bridge the gap between Tech Talk and Human Speak with examples, samples, and tons of patience. Anything from setting up email to recovering data off a crashed computer. If your problem has a computer attached, we can offer solutions.

Armstrong Technologies
Address: 3219 Broadway Suite B, North Bend, OR
Phone: 541-294-7444

Increasing revenue, profits, and the value of your business are always important. With better tools, and broad, competent competition, we’re learning to evaluate metrics while supporting staff to forecast, set and reach targets. We can always be better organized with clear business targets to reach personal and professional goals.

Be Cause Business Resources, Inc.
Address: 1257 Commerce Ave, Longview, WA 98632
Phone: 360-200-5840 

Hub of WebMobile, Inc. is a closely held Oregon Corporation. Larry Fisher is the Founder and serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Our culture consists of elements of wanting to work on big problems that matter, wanting to do great things for Customers globally, believing that we can build an enjoyable and profitable business while not compromising values and standards like our: Customers Finance Business!

Hub of WebMobile, Inc.
Address: 320 Central Ave. Suite 210, Coos Bay OR
Phone: 503-752-5332

Design firm based in Oregon. Professional, yet edgy visual tools for clients that speak of their brand and/or event. Trust and fearlessness is key to the process, not risky, but strive to be thrilling! Design everything with everything in mind.

Macduff Design
Phone: 503-708-5387