Mutual Outcome Relationships

3dMOR Maximizes Customer participation in your business so everyone succeeds (Customers, Employees, Partners, Managers).

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Anderson
Business Owner

Customer Advocacy and Loyalty

Our solutions are 3D structured replacements that lift the relationship amongst Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management to a whole new level.

Understand your user experience

Better understanding Customers to provide them a better business experience and greater profitability by replacing the 125 year old core business model.

Insight into Company Variables

To identify Customer opportunities and then act on them requires business insight from 3dMOR that is compounded out of information and understanding.

3dMOR solves problems

Remove Information Silos

Silos in business can be defined as departmental fights over budget dollars, and head counts. Silos result in less information sharing between teams, so information becomes power in a "silo game". Silos are expensive to any size business.

Modern Business Org Chart

Our new Biz Org Chart will change the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value, in economic, social, cultural or other contexts.

Partners Conglomerate Effect

Benefit from joining a partnership with every business within our company's conglomerate scope. Leverage these companies for more customers and increased efficiency.

Protect Customer Satisfaction

Listen and learn. Be where Customers are. Respond immediately. Let Customers serve themselves as is fitting.

A True Story; In the beginning at Hub of WebMobile, Inc.
And the development of where “Customers Finance Business”

When we originally started this company it was not in our plans to become a software business. However, while considering a web site design for the original business we posed these simple questions. 

First, our driving factor was how to insure our Partners were interacting with our Customers properly, and if their feedback was accurate and timely?

Secondly, how can we protect the best interest of our Customers? Third, how do we gain more control over Org. Chart component relationships? Fourth, but most importantly will these upgrades lead to greater profitability? 

We were stubborn about gaining clarity and solutions to these important questions! Thus far it has taken longer than we anticipated. Never a surprise, right? However, we started this business being new to design needs in the SaaS category. Yet fully aware of how timing and strict budgeting clarifies resources and determines velocity. 

The solution to our first question was to manipulate and reframe the structure and placement of typical components in organization charts. Then over a few months, while still working to maximize targeting the “Customer’s Best Interests” we successfully invented a shift from our 125 year old core business model that everyone still uses, to our design of a New Core Business Model. This new 3dMOR is designed to provide a 3D interaction with every Customer, Employee, Partner, and Manager all with Structural Accountability. So this solved our second and third questions. 

Let’s be clear, this is not a new Business Model based on changing around the same old power structure in pursuit of some new market idea. 

For greater success a business must first be Enabled to then further maximize their Engagement results. To answer our fourth question; our new Engagement advantages will improve revenue by 20% to 60%. One of our competitive advantages is the elimination of all sources of costly data “silos”. 

Historically, 2020 will be remembered as the first year that Businesses gained a choice between two Core Business Model structures. They can select from the every day “125 year Old Core Business Model” or the “New 3D Core Business Model and Platform”. 

Our 3D Core Business Model provides to be the first time a business can be re-framed to be Structurally Enabled, so as to thoroughly Engage Customers, Employees, Partners, and Management. 3dMOR further leverages profitability with a competitively superior 3D Core Business Model.

This will lead to faster decisions, loss of silos, adjustable data sources, and further competitive advantages over rivals. And our customers will be far better equipped today, and for their passage into the 2020s. Our 3dMOR Customers are measurably more profitable than their rivals.

Memorable Customer experience does not happen by chance. For us it happens by understanding and inventing solutions to our original questions, and making subsequent discoveries that will also payoff. 

This new term, MOR (Mutual Outcome Relationships) is all about monitoring the Mutual Relationships across Customers, Employees, Partners, and Managers and the Outcomes to ensure Customers remain in a vibrant state. 

All the current 125 year old business organization charts consist of  interconnected little boxes.  The customers are at the bottom and the CEO is at the top, and therefore these businesses are not enabled to have a customer service success rating above the 30 percentile.

When a business is fully enabled by 3dMOR it will be highly receptive to proactive support and MOR conversations.  Additionally, the concept of customer health will evolve, because it allows a business to clearly understand the impact of their interactions.

This deep dive into existing data provides valuable insights into the problems Customers, Employees, Partners, and Managers experience, and what you need to do to diagnose these issues, so you can get your relationships more profitably on the right track!

The old core business model limits your ability to improve customer services and sales, so start today with 3dMOR and our “Customers Finance Business” will be true for your company too!

We advance at the speed of trust.

Larry Fisher, Founder, CEO
Hub of WebMobile, Inc. an Oregon Corp.
A Sincere Thank You to All.

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